Mt. Moriah Baptist Church
P.O.Box 516
McCormick, SC  29835


Prayer and Sick List
Bro. H.L. Price V * Bro. Lorenzo Thomas V

Sis. Bernice Mosley V Sis. Janie Ryans V

Sis. Jessie Mae PriceV Rev. Michelle Mars V

Bro. Jashun Mursier V Sis. Jade Wallace V

Bro. Keneen Scott V Sis. Ebony Scott V\

Sis. Carrie Blocker V Sis. Eddie R.CartledgeV

Bro. Leon Price V Bro. Terman Parks V

Sis. Doreitha Adams V Bro. Steffan Linton V

Bro. Willie Moton V Sis. Loleitha Brown V

Sis. Maria Ashley V Bro. Tom Mursier V

Sis. Shirley Bussey V Sis. Theresa Cunningham V

Sis. Susan Settles V Sis. Deloris McManus V

Bro. Leroy Settles V Sis. Alice Stevens V

Min. Otis McKie. Jr. V Bro. Cleveland Callaham V

Sis. Louise Moton V Sis. Charae Talbert V

Bro. Howard Bowman V Bro. William Talbert V

Sis. Trika Wallace V Sis. Clara Gaston V

Sis. Henrietta Harper V Sis. Lillian Anderson V

Bro. William Gilchrist V Sis. Martha Walker V

Sis. Loretta Gray V Sis. Trula Hardy V

Sis. Verda Mursier V Sis. Carolyn Webb V

Family of Sis. Mamie Rearden V Bro. Marcus Gaston VPË

Bro. Courtney Gaston VPË Bro. William Gaston, Jr. VP

Sis. Tonya Wallace VPË Bro. Andre Toussaint VPË

Sis. Lakisha Toussaint VPË Bro. Cedrick Callaham VPË

** Hospital a Nursing Home

* Sick V Prayer

P Serving in the Military Ë In Iraq or Afghanistan

(If your name or the name of a loved one is not on our Sick/Prayer List and needs to be, let us know. Also, if you need to change the status of someone on the list, please let us know that as well). Thank you!


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