A Message from Pastor M.L. Gordon 

Mt. Moriah Baptist Church was organized on July 14, 1872.  By the grace of God and the leadership of great pastors, past and present. We have grown into a thriving church family.  Mt Moriah is blessed with a powerful man of God to preach the Gospel. Pastor Gordon and first lady Linda Gordon are fulfilling their purpose to lead and guide the Mt. Moriah Church family and the surrounding community to a closer relationship with God.

Greetings and welcome to our site. "If anyone asked if you want the blessings of God in your life," you would answer"YES!" Many times we want the blessing but we don't want to do anything. We just want all the good stuff poured out on our life without any sacrifice. The only way we will experience the powerful blessings of God in our life is to learn to obey and walk in faith. God wants to bless you beyond your imagination, and while he is leading you to the blesssing, He is blessing you along the way.
Everyone on this earth is being blessed by God; a few examples are the rain, the air that we breathe, the sun, the moon, health, family, shelter and the list goes on and on! These are just a few examples that everyone receives. The bible states that the rain falls on the just and the unjust.  (Matt. 5:45) Everyone receives a certain amount of  blessings from God. HE IS A GOOD GOD! There are certain people who he calls out to do his work. God is blessing you in special ways and He is making your life a blessing to others. Let's look at Abraham's life and see what God wants you to learn and apply to your lives. Read: Genesis 12:1-5.

"Upon this rock I will build my house and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.  Through the
continuing gracious goodness of a loving Heavenly Father, we are privileged to have been in existance
for 140 years. God has blessed me as a leader to know and better understand the wiles of the devil. 
Because Christ came that we may have life, and have it more abundantly.

In order to render 140 years of services to a a community, this house has to be built on the cornerstone
of Jesus to be able to stand through the storms of life. My heart is filled with gratitude and thanks to the
members, friends, families and love ones that helped to make these 140 years a reality. We would like
welcome our guests to our web site and all who visit this site we invite you to come worship with us.

The Bible states in Isaiah 43:2 "When thou passeth through the waters, I will be with thee and through
the rivers, they shall not overflow thee; when thou walketh through the fire, thou shalt not be burned;
neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.

Prayerfully Yours,
Pastor M.L. Gordon


History of Mt. Moriah Baptist Church

Mount Moriah Baptist Church #1 was seated under a fine oak grove spot on the left side of the public road,
southeast direction, about a quarter of a mile from the Rehoboth Baptist Church. The late Mr. Bill Talbert
donated the land.

The first church was built of logs and was officially organized on July 14, 1872. Rev. Eli Key was the
first pastor. The Deacon Board was comprised of Browns, Quarles, and others. Rev. Key was our pastor
for 28 years, during this time Bro. Mack Martin and Bro. J.E. Marshall was licensed as ministers. Rev. Key’s health failed him and in 1900 he passed on to Glory.  Then, Rev. Marshall was called to pastor. Marshall was our pastor for 22 years. Then he too went to get his reward in Glory. Rev. W.M. Peterson was elected as pastor.  After the death of Rev. Peterson, Rev. C.A. Underwood was elected pastor. He served seven years and then moved on to Glory and Rev. Seymore was elected as pastor for a short while.

Rev. W.M. Robinson, from Augusta, Georgia was elected pastor for seventeen years, and four
deacons were ordained under his leadership on the 3rd Sunday in June 1951. They were the late
Deacons Joe Arthur Price, Joe Talbert, Florence Cunningham, and Felton Price, Sr.
Rev. A.C. Carter, from Ninety-six, South Carolina was elected and served as pastor for 11 years. Under
Rev. Carters’ leadership five deacons were ordained. They are the late Deacon Willie A. Stevens, Jr.,
Deacon Lloyd Felton Talbert, the late Deacon Dan Cunningham, Deacon Whit Lee Brown and the late
Deacon Frank Gaston, Sr. Illness and death again invaded our ranks and Rev. A.C. Carter was called
to his reward. We were without a pastor for one year.
Rev. W. H. McCain was called in February 1972. He has had many visions and dreams for us. The
Mt. Moriah Church Family moved into their newly erected brick sanctuary on May 20, 1973. Four years
later in 1977 the note for the sanctuary was paid off.  Through his love and knowledge of music, he
organized the gospel chorus, Buds of Promise, Junior Choir and the W.H. McCain Ensemble. He also
organized the Deaconess Board, the Trustee Board, the YWA and the Brotherhood. We once had B.T.U.
on first Sunday evenings at 5:00 pm and evening services at 6:00 pm.  We now have added first Sunday
morning services to our third Sunday morning services, vacation bible school is held in June and Spring
Revival in May.
During his leadership he has ordained three preachers: Rev. Otis Cunningham, Rev. Johnny Clark, Rev.
Eddie Freeman and licensed the first recorded female minister in Mt. Moriah history, Minister Veronica
Michelle Mars who was licensed in 2003.
The following deacons were ordained the 3rd Sunday in June 1976, Deacon Johnny Tolbert, Deacon Albert
Talbert, and the late Deacon Marion Stevens, Sr.  Rev. McCain also ordained the following Deacons the 3rd Sunday in June 1982,Deacon Robert Lee Stevens, the late Deacon George Swearinger, Deacon Jonathan Tolbert and the late Deacon FrankGaston, Jr. The late Deacon Woodrow Price was received with good report from another church.

In 1989 the fellowship hall was added and 11 acres of land was purchased. The fellowship hall was paid
off in 1999.  The church parking lot was paved in 1998 with 80 parking spaces. During March of 1999
vinyl siding was installed around the church and fellowship hall. Other improvements and repairs to the
church made during 2000 were remodeling the ceiling in the sanctuary, restoring the wooden floors,
starting the nursery and installing stained glass windows. In 2001 a 15-passenger van was purchased
for the church.
During the month of February 2002 Rev. Issac Barnwell was elected as the assistant pastor and served
until September of 2003.
Rev. W.H. McCain was made Pastor Emeritus April 14, 2003 and has since gone to be with the Lord. 
The church conference met and elected a search committee to begin the process of looking for a pastor.
After a lot of research, prayer and debate, the search committee recommended the Rev. Melvin L. Gordon
as pastor. The church body met on May 23, 2004 and elected Rev. Melvin L. Gordon to serve as Pastor.
Five deacons have been ordained under Rev. Gordon they are as follows: Ervin Talbert, Eddie Gilchrist,
Eddie Ryans, Feltonnous Talbert and James H. Price.

One son of the house has been added under Pastor Rev. M. L. Gordon, and that is Minister Bobby Williams
who was licensed in October 2007 and ordained on December 8, 2013.
One daughter of the house,  Rev. Veronica Michelle Mars was ordained under the leadership of Pastor
M. L. Gordon in 2012.
Sons of the house are: Rev. Otis Cunningham, Rev. Johnny Clark, Rev. Eddie Freeman, Rev. Felton
Price, Jr. and Min. Bobby Williams.
Our church also added a Food Bank to our ministry and community outreach. There are about 60
families that are being served by this ministry. Under the leadership of Rev. M. L. Gordon we have
instituted an Enrichment Class that meets during Sunday School each Sunday. We also have a
convert’s class that meets on Sunday and during bible study time.
We must continue to lift the name of Jesus and give God the Glory.
Deceased Pastors:
Rev. Eli Key, Rev. J.E. Marshall, Rev. W.M. Peterson, Rev. C.A. Underwood, Rev. Seymore,
Rev. W.H. Robinson, Rev. A.C. Carter, and Rev. W. H. McCain.
Pastor now serving:
Rev. Melvin L. Gordon, Pastor
Deceased Deacons:
Deacons: Gill Morgan, J.C. Holloway, Jackson Talbert, W.P. Talbert, Williams Talbert, Wade Gaston,
Elijah Brown, John Talbert, Joe Arthur Price, J.D. Price, Willie Arthur Steven, Sr., H. L. Price,
G.W. Brown, Frank Gaston, Sr., Joe Talbert, Sr., Florence Cunningham, George Swearinger,
Wilson Price, Marion Stevens, Sr., Willie A. Stevens, Jr. Dan Cunningham, Deacon Frank
Gaston, Jr. and Deacon Felton Price, Sr.
Deacons now serving:
Deacons: Albert Talbert, Whit Lee Brown, Johnny Tolbert, Jonathan Tolbert, Robert L. Stevens, Ervin
Talbert, Eddie Ryans, Feltonnous Talbert, James H. Price and our respected elder Deacon Felton Talbert.
Deceased Clerks:
Clerks: Deacon J.O. Holloway, Deacon W.P. Talbert, Deacon Elijah Brown and Deacon George Brown
and Sis. Tecora G. Burt.
Current Clerk and other office staff:
Jackie Brown, Clerk
Latoya Linton, Assistant Clerk
Evelyn Brown, Financial Secretary     
Linda Murray, Administrative Assistant
Former Assistant Clerks:
Louise S. Talbert, Vivian Lanham, Leila Bell Parks, Hannah Cartledge and Feltonnous Talbert
Former Administrative Assistants:
Kittye C. Jackson                              
Kawonna Christie (deceased)
Deceased Treasurers:
Deacon Gill Morgan, Deacon J.D. Price, and Deacon John Talbert
Former Treasurer:
Deacon Felton Talbert
Treasurer now serving:
Deacon Ervin Talbert

Web Page: Willie M. Lanier
First mother of the church that we know of was Sis. Cornelia Talbert Gaston and then Sis. Alberta
Talbert Price, Sis. Effie Lee Talbert and Sister Hattie C. Murcier are now serving as mothers of
the church.
Trustees installed under Rev. McCain’s leadership:
Robert L. Stevens, Marion Stevens, Albert Talbert, Eddie Gilchrist, James Morton, Lanfort Talbert,
Whitfield Ryans, Walter Cunningham, Ervin Talbert, James Price, Eddie Ryans, Feltonnous Talbert,
LaVictor Talbert, James Stevens, Jr., Wallace Middleton, Marvin Stevens, Bernard Talbert,
Otis Mckie, Jr., Albert Gaston, Charlie Blair, Jr., Eddie Freeman, Donald Turner, Clayton Morton,
Abe Morton, Jr.
Trustees installed under Rev. Melvin Gordon:
Stephon Bowman, Seymore Dean, Altavious Talbert, Willie Jackson, and Thomas Mursier.

Trustees in training:
Will Moton, Leon Conway, John H. Ryan, William Stevens, Leroy Settles, Willie Middleton, Steffon Linton, and Christopher Williams.
Trustees now serving:

James Stevens, and Altavious Talbert.

New Deacons ordained in 2016:
Charlie Blair, Albert Gaston, Thomas Mursier,Bernard Talbert and Delbert Walls.

“Mt. Moriah continues to grow and with the support of our members and friends, we will make a
difference in our community, county, state, nation and eventually the world.”